Analysis Tools


  1. Do you maintain a current inventory of all company assets?
  2. Have you identified your non-physical intangible assets and calculated their values?
  3. Do you have a healthy Asset Utilization Ratio?
  4. Do you know what your Recievables Turnover Ratio tells you about your business efficiency?
  5. Is your Cash-Liquidity Ratio above 1.00?
  6. What is your Cash-Liquidity ratio telling you about your company’s Survival Index?
  7. Are your assets appropriately leveraged or at least within your industry averages?



  1. What is your DTI ratio and how does that help you improve profitability?
  2. Do you actively manage your debt ratios? There are 3 debt ratios every business should monitor.
  3. Have you developed a Accounts Payable Management Process?
  4. Do you have safeguards & internal controls to protect your company from fraud? (One company lost $50,000++ / month in “misdirected vendor payments”).
  5. Have you analyzed your “true cost” of debt rate?
  6. Do you know the 7 strategies to effectively negotiate debt terms in your favor?


  1. Is your revenue mix competitive compared to your industry averages?
  2. Do you know your Cost of Revenue % trends (gross margin) over the last 12 months?
  3. Have you been analyzing the Revenue Contribution Index for each person on your staff?
  4. Are you analyzing & updating your Monthly Payor Source (Revenue Source) Efficiency Index?
  5. What is your Billing Efficiency Score?
  6. Do you know your Revenue Factors Ranking? Has it changed in last 12 months?
  7. Are you managing revenue in real time?



  1. Do you have a rolling 12-month Cost Management Plan?
  2. Have you developed an ROI Profile for your cost line items?
  3. Are you reviewing your Cost Payee Contribution Rates?
  4. Do you have an organizational wide Cost – Benefit Decision Making template?
  5. Have you identified and quantified your “intangible” costs such as negative marketplace reputation, poor customer service, etc?
  6. Do you have a strategy to eliminate or minimize these intangible costs?
  7. Do you analyze and manage your Cost Variances at least monthly?


  1. Organizational Culture
  2. Organizational Communication – compatibility of key relationships e.g. CEO/CFO, managers vs subordinates, etc.
  3. Decision making process – Disagreement vs Deployment Analysis
  4. External & Internal risks & threats & opportunities (SWOT)
  5. PEST




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