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Three Key Strategic Planning Takeaways from this Training …

5 Key Strategic Planning Phases

The 5 key phases that must be part of your strategic planning process for it to be effective and sustainable. Your strategic plan will run into major implementation problems if you skip any of these 5 phases

7 Strategic Planning Questions

To clarify the strategic planning process it is essential that you can answer 7 key strategic planning process clarifying questions. In this master class we will share these clarifying questions with you.

Dreaming vs Strategic Planning

Why many leaders and managers are simply dreaming about reaching organizational goals and confuse dreaming about getting things done with actually getting things done strategically

This masterclass is prepared by the team at Strategic Business Analysts and is presented by W Vernon Murray CPA DBA Phd. Murray is  Managing Director of Strategic Business Analysts LLC &  Leadership Solutions Training LLC.

Murray has created hundreds of Strategic Plans in his 30 year career as a Business / Leadership Trainer & Advisor. He and his team have advised 1000s of business owners, executives and business leaders helping them to develop sustainable strategic plans.

He is the author of his award winning book  “Strategic Planning: From Dreaming to Deployment – From Ideation to Implementation” 


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