Resiliency & Sustainability for Small Colleges & Universities

Small Colleges & Universities are facing significant economic pressure that threatens their very existence. W Vernon Murray PhD – doctoral dissertation 2020


A Small College or University is defined as a college or university with enrollments of less than 5000 students. There are almost 3,000 US colleges & universities that fall in this category. The data shows that these instituions are under severe economic existential threat.


Organizational Resilience is “the ability of an organization to anticipate, prepare for, respond and adapt to social, economic, political & marketplace changes and maintain business effectiveness. We assist Small Colleges & Universities build organizational resiliency


the ability to achieve & maintain optimal profitability in spite of economic pressure. Our research found that small colleges & universities face greater challenges to  sustain economic viability and are more likely to become insolvent than larger instituitions

What We Do …

We help your small college or university develop or enhance a Strategic Business Approach to your Institutional Resiliency & Sustainability … especially in the Pandemic & Post Pandemic Era !

Strategic Planning

In addition to assisting your college / university in creating your Strategic Plan we first conduct a rigorous Organization Strategic Plan Audit of your current Strategic Plan. You can be confident that when we partner with you to update or create your strategic plan, that it is based on rigorously vetted data. Data Driven Strategic Planning!

Resiliency & Sustainability Analysis & Planning

We conduct comprehensive Resiliency & Sustainability Analysis and planning so that your college / university can identify and maximize its “Resiliency & Sustainability Factors”. Then we work with your leadership team to develop, implement and monitor your Resiliency & Sustainability Strategies.

Leadership Development (team building, governance)

Leaders at institutions of higher education must balance the mandates of mission vs the mandate of margins. We provide leadership consulting and training to help your leadership effectively lead the mission and the mandate of your college / university. If you are not sure what this means, then you definitely need to engage us for our leadership services

Additional Resources … Publications

Dissertation studying the profitability & sustainability of small nonprofit colleges & universities and the impact of Organizational Culture along with other key factors on economic sustainability

Our Invitation

Our Taskforce on Resiliency & Sustainability for Small Colleges & Universities would love to put our experience, expertise and our resources and relationships to work for your college / university. Let’s explore some Resiliency & Sutainability Strategies to increase your organizations Resiliency & Sutainability.

Just provide your contact info in the contact form here and I will reach out to you to begin a conversation about customizing A Resiliency & Sustainability Strategic Plan for your small college or university.

Developing & implementing a Strategic Plan that drives Resiliency and Sustainability must be a key tool in the leadership toolbox for every small college and university

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