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I’d love to send you some info that can help your small business begin the hard work of recovery from the pandemic crisis.

Simply respond to a couple of questions, give me your name & email and I will send you some info that can help you rebound your business post covid!

    Has the pandemic negatively impacted your business?

    Are you a small business – less than 70 million revenue/year?

    Are you open to looking at business strategy, systems and solutions that can help your business recover more quickly from the pandemic?


    We Help Minority Small Business Owners Maximize

    3 Keys to Unlock Sustainable Business Growth & Profits …

    The 3 Core Benefits We Give You are …

    We help you achieve the 3 Keys to Business Growth &Profits by providing 3 Premium Services:
    Virtual CFO & Financial Planner, Strategic Planning and Leadership & Team Building …


    The Minority Business StrategeZe & Mentorship Zone

    • Networking with a community of 100’s of other minority business owners
    • Monthly Masterclass to learn new tools & techniques to turbo charge their businesses
    • Access to financing and capital resources
    • On Demand Library of videos, White Papers, Checklists etc on issues that minority business owners deal with every day
    • Mentors – ability to connect with other successful minority business owners
    • The expertise and experience of our Zone Team is best in class
    • Vetted pool of professionals to provide consulting, coaching and core services. Eg CPAs, Attorneys, Financial Planners, Social Media Marketing experts
    • Be part of a Heptagon Peer Advisory Group and harness the power of Peer Support – see video below

    Our Small Business Advisors, Mentors will help you solve challenges and develop actionable strategies such as:

    • How to price your goods & services optimally for competitiveness and profitability
    • Accessing Capital via banks, investors –
    • Building business credit
    • Managing business debt
    • How to stay compliant with IRS tax regs
    • What’s the best entity for yoru business – LLC, C Corp, etc
    • Variance Analysis – developing realistic operating budgets & sticking to it
    • Understanding yoru financial reports – what do these numbers really mean

    Slide The Power of The Zone Who is The Zone For? Slide How Did They Do It ?

    Meet the key members of our Zone Team …

    W Vernon Murray CPA DBA PhD

    • Founder/Director
    • 30+ years as small business owner
    • 30+ years advising/mentorin 1,000’s of business owners

    Rosemarie Wilson

    • Director of Membership Services
    • Successful business owner
    • 30 years experience
    • Former SMB advisor @ Urban League
    Prisha Anand MBA

    • Certified Social Media Marketing
    • Marketing Strategist

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