Business Strategy based on in depth business analysis:

At Strategic Business Analysts LLC we help our clients ANALYZE their financial performance and business operations to uncover the causes of:

  • Financial Under performance
  • Financial Stagnation/Lack of Growth
  • Financial Over performance

… then we help our clients STRATEGIZE to create solutions that will

Eliminate or reduce the causes of
  • Financial under performance
  • Financial Stagnation/lack of growth
Increase & Sustain the factors that contribute to:

Financial Over Performance



Behavioral Healthcare Nonprofit Agency

Strategic Business Analysts has helped our agency more than triple gross revenues over the last 10 years. The biggest change they helped us with was our pricing model. Their analysis showed that we were under pricing and under billing by 50 to 70% in many cases. Then they developed a strategy that would allow us to always keep our pricing and billing competitive and profitable.

Fed govt contracting – aviation – aerospace industry

Strategic Business Analysts LLC literally blew us away when they were analyzed our balance sheet and found that we had underreported our assets by almost 50%. Now our balance sheet looks very strong which in turn has allowed us to qualify of a significant line of credit to help with floating our operating expenses. In govt contracting sometimes govt payments can take a while but with the line of credit we no longer have to use high interest loans. Just in interest expense alone we are saving $70,000+/month from operation costs.

Medical Clinic

Staff productivity was a huge problem for us. We met with Strategic Business Analysts and they begun diving into the hidden underlying causes of declining staff productivity. Strategic Business Analysts then formulated a strategy that has driven staff productivity up by 30%+ in less than 60 days. In terms of $$$, I would say we saved more than $20,000/month in overtime and saw production / revenue increase by 27% over that same time.

We work with clients from a broad range of industries and business types. Our clients include ….

our cllients



  1. Provide you with SOUND ANALYSIS
  2. To help you develop BUSINESS STRATEGIES
  3. That improves your BOTTOM LINE

Our appraoch

our approach 2





Reach out to us. Lets start talking about how to dig under the numbers of your business and develop “numbers based” strategies to push your profits to peak levels.

Its FREE to talk – our FREE phone consultation will talk about any business challenges you want a second expereinced and expert opinion on.

Topics we can consult with you about include:

Business valuation – what is your business really worth?

Process improvement – did you know  that  a 10% improvement in your processes can = a 60-70% increase in profits$$?

Leadership = are your managers, senior level execs getting the most out of their teams?

Personal Benefits – are you personally benefitting from your business or are you a “slave” to your business? Lets talk about making sure your business works for you!

Replicability + Sustainability –  So you may be very successful but have you nailed down the underlying conributing succes factors so you can replicate them over and over again? Or are you a “1 shot 1 time only success”?



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