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prescribe financial stratregies that will ensure financial wellness for you and your family

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Basic Info

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Income Your $$
Spouse $$

a. Emergency Savings Account $

b. Retirement Accounts $

c. Investment Accounts $

d. Checking Accounts $

e. Estimated Value of Home

f. Estimated Value of other Real Estate

g. Life Insurance Cash Value

h. Life Insurance Coverage Amount

i. Automobile Value $

a. Credit Card Balances

b. Auto Loan Balances

c. Student Loan Balances

d. Mortgage balance on primary home

e. Mortgage balance on non-primary real estate

a. Housing – rent, mortgage

b. Auto payments

c. Monthly payments paid to other debt (credit card, consumer debt etc)

d. All other living expenses not debt/loan payment

e. Monthly Amount contributed to Savings

f. Monthly Amount contributed to investment

g. Monthly Amount contributed to retirement

h. Life Insurance Coverage Face Value

i. Life Insurance Cash Values

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Know Your Numbers !!

Do you know your Personal Financial Numbers like your:

  1. Debt to income ratio
  2. Personal Savings Ratio
  3. Credit Score
  4. Diversification Index
  5. How much $$ will it take for you to retire comfortably?
  6. What is your “disposable income”

And that’s just a few of at least a dozen key personal financial ratios/numbers we help you keep track of!


Life Insurance, Its not only for when you die.

New innovations in life insurance make certain type of life insurance, such as Indexed Universal Life Policies, a powerful tool for living benefits. This means it benefits you while you are living.

Watch this short clip to learn how Indexed Universal Life insurance can benefit you now!