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4 Ways to tell if your Business is Dying

An online business course based on my top selling book
“The 4 Stages of Death: How a Business Dies”

Why all business owners/ CEOs should take this course:

The biggest challenge every entrepreneur or CEO is how to stay alive in a very competive business environment.

But 73% of business owners, CEOs do not know the symptoms of a dying business. Over 30 years advising and analysing small to mid sized businesses I have found that most owners /CEOs only recognize the 4th & final stage of a dying business.

In this 7 module self paced course, business owners, CEOs and CFOs will learn the 4 Stages of Death a business goes through before it final dies.

In this course you will learn:

  • The #1 reason business owners fail to recognize when their business is dying!
  • The top 3 things you could do to revive a dying business or to ensure that your business does not die a silent death!
  • The 4 stages of a dying business and what each one looks like AND How to Reverse any stage of dying your business maybe in!
  • Dozens of strategies and business tips to keep you business health and profitable right now!


W Vernon Murray

Course instructor/author

4 stages

FREE Ebook when you register for online course!

When you enroll in this course you also get 20-30% Discount of a Complete Business Performance Analysis

Get a profesional to analyze the health of your business.

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Module I – Introduction (get FREE with special offer)
Learn why it is essential for you to know how to detect if your business is dying

Module II – What a Dying Business Looks Like
Most dying businesses look like healthy businesses. Learn how to tell the difference

Module III – The First Signs of a Dying Business
The first sign is usually the most diffcult to spot. Learn what to look for in the 1st stage of a dying business & learn how to reverse the dying process early

Module IV – Stage 2 of a dying business
Many business owners/CEO’s panic in this stage. I will give you strategies that will keep you from panicking in stage 2

Module V – Why Stage 3 is the most critical stage
Find out why stage 3 is the most critical and how to keep from getting to Stage 4 when it is almost impossible to revive a dying business.

Module VI – Reviving a Stage 4 Dying Business
Stage 4 is not death. You can rebound from Stage 4 but you will need expert help

Module VII – Know When to Hold, Know When to Fold
Learn when the best business decision is to pull the life support systems and let your business die.


30 years analyzing, strategizing and helping businesses improve performance and profitability

Founder/Principal of Strategic Business Analysts, LLC, Genesis Leadership Training LLP & You Got Next Foundation

Author of 5 books and several White Papers to help business owners/CEOs improve business performance, leadership & profit

Masters & Doctoral degrees in Business Management, Organizational Strategic Leadership and Policy

Certified Public Accountant licensed in several states since 1990

Adjunct Professor in Organizational Business Management & Leadership

Two decades + experience as CEO, CFO of small to mid sized business.

Business owner/entrepreneur since 1990. Successfully started & leads 4 small businesses and a nonprofit organization

Speaker/Workshop Presenter for Leadership Conferences, Business Performance conferences etc. Additional info at www.wvernonmurray.com

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Here’s what business owners & execs who took this course are saying about this course !!!

Dr. William B – Owner/CEO of medical clinic …

I took the course and then i registered my entire leadership team, CFO, COO and CMO. We all now know the signs f a dying business and how to make sure our medicla clinic stays alive & healthy !

Wilson R – Exec Director of Behavioral Health/care agency…

Unfortunately when i took this course we were already in Stage III, but this course also gave me business strategies i implemented to revive and rebound my business to health

Limited time offer

Enroll in Module I at absolutely no cost, 100% FREE

… normally priced at $179