10 Most Common Symtoms of Poor Financial Health –

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Set aside 15 minutes and you and your spouse if married take some time and complete the Personal Financial Wellness Quiz below.

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Financial Fitness & Wellness Check

Personal Financial Wellness Quiz

If you are married you could complete this together or have each spouse complete one separately.

Scoring Quiz – Each question will have the following Multiple Choice Answers
1 – No / Never
2 – Sometimes but NOT OFTEN
3 – Sometimes ALMOST ALWAYS
4 – Yes / Always

So for each question select 1, 2, 3, or 4 as your response based on this scoring system. Some questions are either a YES (4) or a NO (1) answer. Select accordingly.

A perfect score is 80, but don’t sweat it if you dont get a perfect score. We are here to help you improve your score dramatically over the next couple of months with our personal financial health strategies!

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When you complete the quiz I will send you your results as well as the 10 Most Common Symptoms of Poor Financial Health. Use this list to diagnose your Financial Fitness to see how Financially Fit you are.

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1. I have enough money every month to pay my bills.

2. I keep good records of important documents (e.g., tax forms, insurance policies and financial documents).

3. I have money set aside for an emergency (for example, if my car breaks down).

4. I have money set aside to cover at least a few months of living expenses if I lose my job or become disabled.

5. I pay close attention to my statements from bank, investment accounts, business financial statements if you own a business or your paycheck deductions on your paystubs.

6. Part of my income automatically goes to savings each month.

7. I contribute MONTHLY to a retirement account other than on my job

8. I pay off my credit card(s) in full every month.

9. I know how much debt I have, including credit cards, mortgage, car loan, student loans, etc

10. The percentage of my monthly income that goes to pay debt each month is 30% or less (eg car loans, student loans, credit cards, mortgage etc)

11. I have a good system for tracking my spending

12. When it comes to investing, I understand how to diversify my money

13. I have health insurance to cover my medical expenses.

14. I monitor my credit report monthly to protect myself against identity theft.

15. I have an up-to-date will or trust

16. I have an up to date healthcare power of attorney

17. I have a personal attorney

18. I have insurance to cover me if I become disabled and can’t work.

19. I know how much of my money goes to taxes.

20. How old are you?

  1. Check 1 for 21 – 40
  2. Check 2 for 41 – 55
  3. Check 3 for 56 – 67
  4. Check 4 for over 67