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Let's start with goals

What are your business goals? PS making $$ is not a goal it is a result!!.


What is your reality?

Where are you now in relationship to your business goals?

What are your Strategic Options?

What strategic options do you have to go from your present reality to get closer to your goal

100’s of tools & techniques to help you learn new strategies to reach your business goal!

Most people who want to get better — at hitting golf shots, negotiating with clients, delivering presentations or any other field of endeavor — seek out new information. They read a book, take a class, hire an expert tutor.

Take our FREE Online Business Performance Education Courses – Get Better Business Performance!


These are not “academic” courses. These are practical real world tools & techniques to turbo boost your Business Performance!

How our online courses can help you:


Help You Rev Up Revenues

Every business owner or executive has probably explored dozens of ways to improve revenues. But most don’t know how to do teh most important thing o do before trying the next new revenue strategy. Find out what it is

Ongoing Change Performance Support

Help You Control Costs

Every Wednesday, we take business performance education to a new level. Check out our Business Performance Bootcamp Podcast

"Self- Lead" More Effectively

Help You Lead More Effectively

Nothing will improve your bottom line quite like this… check out our course menu.

Here is a hint – “more businesses fail due to poor leadership than poor cashflow”

Most Courses are Completed in

1 – 2 days!

Training Programs, Webinars & Workshops include …


Learn the 5 Busness Startup Risk Indicators so you can tell if a business opportunity is too risky for you. Then we teach  you 5 strategies to  help you minimize startup risk.

Learn to recognize the 4 Signs that your business maybe on the decline or dying. Then learn how to reverse the dying process & revive your business performance

Don’t let disagreements cost your business $. Disagreements can be the seed of innovation in your business, if handled with the strategies we teach in this course!

This course shows you how to map your organization/business ecosystem. What is your business ecosytem?

Why does Harvard Business Review believe it is the newest & maybe most important factor in growing a business effectively?

Find out in this course.


Learn to speak  CFO language. No longer get confused with financial and accounting jargon when you talk with your CFO or CPA about your business financial health

Business Estate planning – passing on your business as a legacy. 3 considerations to effectively transfer your business to your heirs or to a key officer/partner 

3 KPIs every business owner must understand and track every month. Learn how to quickly calculate these KPIs and understand what they mean to the success of your business. KPIs help you measure your business performance.

You master what you measure. Master your business performance by measuring performance with KPIs


Learn why investing in Leadership Training for you, your C Level Execs, Managers & Supervisors can be the #1 the ROI expenditure for your business. Successful business owners invest in 3X more leadership training 



Personal Financial Fitness – learn 3 ways your business can contribute to your personal financial health.  Retirement plan, Estate Plan, Income Protection Plan

Data Driven Decision Making – business owners are inundated with data. Learn how to use data effectively to make sound business decisions

cashflow problems

Learn how to predict a cash flow problem 6 – 12 months BEFORE it happens. Most business owners wait until there’s no $$ in the bank before recognizing a cashflow problem. But that’s way too late.

Learn 3 advanced strategies to prevent cash flow problems. Here’s 1 clue “Pricing”

Our appraoch

What is the Organizational Culture in your business and how it is linked to your marketplace competitiveness and profitability?. Which of the 4 organizational cultures is most dominant in your organization? How should you manage your business in light of your dominant organizational culture? Find out in this course!

Did I tell you this was all FREE !!!???

Yes – many of our courses are FREE

Here’s an intro to one of our more popular courses “The 4 Stages of a Dying Business”

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Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Take control of your business health before it is too late! Our classes have limited availability so take advantage of this offer today!

Imagine all the $$$ you can save if you knew how to do some basic Business Diagnosis without having to hire a consultant !!!

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Learn how to Analysze Your Business Performance Every Month - 3 Easy Tools

The more you know in business the less you can be BS'd by slick talking fake "consultants" !!!

Make the most out of this once in a lifetime opportunity

What Business Owners / CEOs are Saying about our Online Courses !

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“One course and i learned 1 tool to help me save $100,000+ in overtime payroll
– Medical Clinic Director

2 “I love that I can get Level II courses and even get a personal instructor to help me implement new strategies in my business”

– Director of nonprofit agency

Business Performance Course for Business Owners/Execs written by Business Owners/Execs

Our two primary course developers / course instructors are W Vernon Murray MSc DBA CPA and JoLean Amacher MBA

  • Successfully founded and operated several businesses
  • 25+ years as business executive – CEO, CFO & COO
  • Academic credentials – DBA Strategic Organizational Leadership, MSc Nonprofit Business Mgmt, Certified Public Accountant
  • Certifcate in Business Marketing
  • Author of 12+ books on business, management, leadership
  • Financail Consulting – 18 years
  • 20 years as business owner – succesful consulting firm
  • MBA Financial / Business Analysis